Frequently Asked Questions

How online career counseling works and how is it better than any traditional counseling sessions?

Online career counseling is a one to one session between the individual seeking career guidance and the counselor(s) via conference call or video calling (preferred option-video calling). As compared to the traditional counseling sessions, the online counseling sessions save both time and effort of individuals to visit counselor(s) on a regular basis and can be conducted at any time and from any place.

Why and who needs career counseling?

Any individual can seek career counseling if they are unsure regarding their career choice or would like to make a switch. Even individuals who are sure about their career path but don’t know how to achieve them can consult us and we can help them in setting up the best possible plan to reach their goal.

What is student analysis or career assessment report?

Student analysis or career assessment report is an additional feature of our career counseling service. It includes a detailed analysis of student’s interest, skills and capabilities and lists out the best career options based on those traits.

What is the plan of actions/career roadmap and how much it can cost?

Career roadmap is a document that a counselor prepares for an individual based on PDCA (Plan Do Check and Act) principle. It details out the necessary plan of actions with set goals that get monitored periodically along with the feedback and if required, adjust the roadmap for better success. Career road map is an additional feature of our career counseling service and is offered to an individual at a bare minimum charge.

What does resume services offer?
  • Resume Services include Resume Making (RezMake) and Editing options (RezEdit). Resume Making service offers professional writing of your resume from scratch based on the information provided to us. We let individual to select the template that we provide, and then we draft your resume based on that template and go through iterations along with you till the finalization.
  • Resume Editing service revamps your existing resume in a best professional way possible. It includes format correction, proper organization, and correction of grammatical errors and removal of unnecessary contents to make your resume look crisp and up to the mark.
What is LinkedIn profile Makeover?

LinkedIn is a professional networking site where individuals connect to each other based on their common skills, interests, working field and area of expertise. With this service we aim to create/modify your LinkedIn profile based on the information provided to enhance your visibility on this networking site, explain you the DO’s and DON’T’s of this site, cool features which you can leverage on for your career growth, the job application process and other beneficial offerings through LinkedIn.

How abroad study service works?

Our abroad study service is a 9 stage process that we have laid out to help our students to pursue their dreams of higher studies. It starts with one to one interaction between our counselor and the student to analyze the requirement (requirement Analysis) to all the way up to Pre-Departure counseling. Each stage is well defined with set goals and objectives to be achieved in a set time frame. Please go to our “My Abroad Studies” page to see more details.

Does myCareerSeek offer any GRE/GMAT/IELTS/TOEFL coaching?

No, we do not offer any classroom coaching for GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS, however, we help the students preparing for these exams in the following possible ways:

  • Provide additional study material, preparation links, and tests to enhance your chances of getting a good score.
  • Guide and keep a check on students throughout their preparation phase with proper time management and goal setting.
  • Clarify any doubts that a student can have during their preparation phase.
  • DO’s and DON’T’s on the day of the examination.
Why abroad study services are best at myCareerSeek?

We have very specific counselors to deal with students who want to pursue their higher studies. These counselors have already done their higher studies from foreign universities and are well familiar with the overall procedures and protocols. They are even experts in finding funding opportunities for the capable students.

Do we have any tie-ups with any foreign universities?

No, we DO NOT have any tie-ups with any foreign universities. It is unethical to force any student to join any pre-selected university irrespective of how credible profile a student has. Thus we lay out best possible university options (between 5 – 10) in front of the students based on their scores and overall profile and let students choose the university they would like to go.



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