Resume Services

MyRezMake/Edit offers you highly professional resume writing and editing services. Our team works on important aspects of your resume and make it more effective. Resume is the most important document which assists you in your professional development thus we present your skills, capabilities, interest, education in the most effective way to help you achieve newer heights in your career. We give competitive edge to your resume by making it more specific by reflecting your strengths and skills.

Why writing a good resume is important?

  • As professionally developed resume gives a better exposure to your candidature and thus it is a gateway to rich career opportunities.
  • Efficient resume writing empowers you to grab the right opportunity, exactly as per your interest area.
  • It brings more clarity to your resume and its presentation.
  • Richness of keywords increases accessibility of your resume in job search.
  • For a well deserved shot at your next career opportunity, resume needs to be in the best possible shape.

We write your entirely new resume from scratch by collecting your relevant information; this service is usually for fresh graduates or job seekers. All you need is to fill out the simple and interactive questionnaire, which later on gets analyzed by our experts to come up with the first draft of your resume in a week's time. The draft is sent to you for your review before we schedule you for one to one sessions or telephonic calls, whichever is the preferred mode of communication to discuss your needs and issues. We generate your final draft by doing all the required changes and corrections and make your resume look professional enriched with the keywords which the recruiters usually look for.

This service includes refinement of your existing resume by incorporating the necessary corrections based on the information furnished by you and by the keyword enrichment process. You will be asked to fill out one short questionnaire to reflect the required changes and attach a copy of your existing resume. Our experts base the editing process on the following criteria: opening summary, adding new and missing information, reorganizing or editing the content to reflect new job goals, edit and remove dated information, ensure that there are no grammatical errors and spelling issues. The timeline for this service is similar to that of MyRezMake service.



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