My Career Counseling

Career counseling is sought when an individual needs confidential guidance or help in the areas of study and possible career movements or changes. If a individual is experiencing any career related issues and wants to discuss or discover opportunities about their career plans, they can do so with the help of our team. Our counselors are experienced, qualified professionals who understand the difficulties of career choices and can offer appropriate advice to each individual.

How does it work?

  • Personal plans of action can be generated.
  • Interests, skills and abilities can be recognized.
  • Educated decisions about future direction can be made.
  • Possible ways to enhance personal traits can be explored.
  • Job search planning.
  • Higher studies planning.

What we do?

  • One to One Telephonic or video call sessions to analyse your Interest, Skills and Dreams
  • Understand your confusion regarding your career
  • Create an analysis report that will list the best career choices for you
  • Help you in finding your aimbition
  • Create a career road map for you

How to choose your career?

  • Every individual have different level of thinking, interest and skills therefore not every career option is meant for everyone
  • Analyze yourself and then set your ambition
  • Ambition can never be forced or copied
  • Never do what others do or what others wants you to do

I Am in School

Being in school its not always easy to make your career choice as it’s the most crucial time of your career and any incorrect decision regarding your career choice will be problematic in future. Students at this age are usually confused and not sure about their decision as they don’t even know on what basis they should opt their career. If you are going through all these issues we at myCareerSeek will help.

I Am in College

Got into the college, Great!! But this is not it. You should also start thinking about having a good future after college and thus ask a few questions to yourself like, am I satisfied with the branch selection based on my skills and interest areas? How should I plan my coming four years of college? Should I be going for higher studies after my college, if yes then how to prepare for that from now? Should I be going for a respectable job after finishing up my college, if yes then how to utilize my four years and what points I should focus?
If any of these thoughts are coming to your mind then you are at the right place. We at MyCareerSeek help 1st year students by providing them with a proper career plan and scheduled counseling throughout the year.

Congratulations for completing your 1st year of college!! Now since you have pretty much settled down in the college environment, this is the high time you should work towards shaping your career.Have you given any thoughts on planning your career while in 1st year? If yes then we can assist you in fetching them by providing the best tools like myCareerTrack to gauge your career growth. If you have not made any career plan so far then you should not get discouraged, we can make one for you using our myCIP tool depending on your skills and preferences.
During 2nd year we also guide students on how to plan for industrial training and internships, to further increase your technical skills, and to get relevant certificates which in future makes the resume really valuable.

With the completion of your 2nd year, you have taken another step closure to your graduation. This year is the crux of all years and it should be planned very carefully and you must decide on your future if it has not been done so far. Students planning for higher studies must start their preparation for the exams like GRE, TOEFL/IELTS so that they can take the exams by final year. Also, 3rd year is considered as the toughest in terms of the courses undertaken, so time management is a must. Students planning for jobs must start preparing for the interview process, make resume, and focus on their core subjects as most of the companies will start visiting campuses by the 2nd semester of the 3rd year.
We work very closely with the students in helping and guiding them throughout this year with their GRE, TOEFL/IELTS exam preparation, providing them the additional study materials, one on one counseling, mock job interviews, resume and cover letter making, communication and presentation skill development.

This is an important year and the final step towards your graduation. While you are busy wrapping up your college with thesis or paper submission, you also need to spend some time to prepare for your job interview or giving final touch to GRE, TOEFL/IELTS exam preparation as you will be taking them soon to apply to colleges for higher studies.
We continue our support to students even more rigorously during this year for their successful career and thus get involved with them more frequently to work on their resume, linkedIn profile creation/makeover, job search, mock interviews, communication and presentation skills development, GRE, TOEFL/IELTS exam preparation, abroad studies next phase counseling, college applications and documentation.



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