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Study abroad is a big initiative towards your bright career and can give a big boost to your professional life. Making the decision to opt for higher studies from any random university is not a wise one but to get into a good ranked college depending on your profile is highly important. The good ranked colleges have a great reputation, offer a good study program, excellent research facilities, great alumni base to get in contact with, and great job prospects. Of the total students opted for higher studies internationally in 2011, approximately 32% of them went to US and 19% went to UK and thus making them as the favorite choices for higher studies.

Our focus lies with the short listing of universities from US and UK as these two countries are the top two destinations for international students due to the quality of education, job prospects and standard of living. We DO NOT represent or have tie-up with any particular university and thus give you an un-biased analysis on university selection that best suits your personal, academic and financial profile.

US being the number one destination for international students offers a wide range of courses through universities and educational institutes. It's extensive education system gives exposure to cutting edge technology, opportunity for research, training and teaching, flexibility of courses, support services for international students, rich campus life and global education facilities. Higher studies in US are not just about lectures, study sessions or tests, but it also comprises of community activities as well as various social, cultural and sports activities.


Why study in US?

  • Highest international acceptability and reputation.
  • Top Ranked Institutions – almost half of the top 100 Universities in the world are in USA.
  • As an investment in your future, a U.S. degree offers excellent value for the money. A wide range of tuition fees and living costs, plus some financial help from universities, make study in the United States affordable for thousands of students.
  • Financial Assistance - available for meritorious students
  • Great opportunity of practical training during or after study.
  • Exceptional job prospects post higher studies.

UK itself has earned the reputation of providing high and quality education and thus considered as one of the top notch study destination by many international students. UK universities and colleges offers more than 1000 courses, besides great flexibility in study programs. One of the biggest advantages of studying in UK, is the option of combining work placements with academic study, such as sandwich courses at the undergraduate level and work internships at the post graduate level.


Why study in UK?

  • Made up of four countries- England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom is a very popular study destination for Indian students.
  • UK has more than 100 universities and around 165 higher education institutions including universities and colleges.
  • With ancient and traditional universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, University College London to modern universities, UK offers something for every students in a variety of subject areas.
  • Taught Master courses are only for 1 year. You do not need 16 years of education to pursue a Masters degree in most subjects.
  • Most undergraduate (bachelors) degrees are for 3 years in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Scotland has some excellent universities, a different education system than the rest of the UK and a 4 year undergraduate degree.

We start with one to one session(s) with you to understand your requirements completely.

We critically analyze your profile by looking at your resume to start with, ask you to fill out the questionnaire for better analysis. The questionnaire helps us to know you in a best possible way as it could be the case that you may have missed out few valuable points in your resume in terms of technical skills, professional skills, or other viable point(s) due to the space constraint or you don't consider them important enough or you have struggled to frame them in a better way.

We shortlist the universities based on your profile and field of interest which you can target. This list is not the final one, it gets narrowed down to the final 6-8 universities where you will apply depending on how well you score on your GRE, TOEFL/IELTS, GMAT. The short listing and finalizing of universities contain a mix of top ranked, Tier 1, Tier 2 colleges to ensure your admission.

We do not provide any coaching classes for the test preparation, however we guide you towards the careful selection of material(s) for preparation. We also provide some additional material at an affordable cost that can be used anywhere and anytime to enhance your score(s). Sample papers or tests will be provided to you 10-15 days prior to your test date to judge your capability to score.

There are a number of important documents like Resume, Cover Letter, Statement of Purpose (SOP), and Letter of Recommendation (LOR) that are required when you apply to any college. These documents are your reflection to justify your candidacy for the admission and thus need a very precise and careful use of words. Our experts help you in refining them and giving them a professional look. While you wait for your test results, we help you in finishing this step so that you don't lose any time during your application process.

We give special attention to your application, highlighting the areas required for a well presented error free application. At the end, we assist students to create separate packets which can be mailed to the Graduate Offices for each universities.

We help you throughout your VISA process with the document preparation, their sequence, and with mock interviews to make sure that you get familiarized with the VISA interview process and thus have no hesitation during your actual one.

Once you are successful with your VISA process and are ready to prepare for the travel, we help you with the necessary travel documents, counseling about the things you need to perform after reaching your destination, and orientation information.



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